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We are the first Makerspace in Guatemala and Central America. The concept of TecLab is to create spaces with specific areas for manufacturing that allows people and businesses to invent and produce anything they have in mind– from electronic devices and scale models to engineering or commercial prototypes.

Create what you have in mind

Work Areas

Digital Prototyping Lab

Using the most recent 3D printing technology we provide the best tools for transforming your ideas into real objects, using a variety of different printing materials to meet your needs for the size, color, and texture of your product.

Electronics Lab

Here you can create any electric or electronic circuit using our high precision tools to solder, create circuit boards, measure with specialized oscilloscopes and many other tools.

Heavy Duty Workshop

In this area you can work with wood or metals using heavy duty tools that make manufacturing at a large scale easier. Equipment that ranges from drills and CNC cutting and engraving machines to industrial compressors is available to Tec Lab members.

Common Area

Use our large open space with high velocity internet to work on your professional or personal projects in an area that will help you to grow your projects and share them with others. Join a supportive community of inventors, hobbyists, professionals and students that aims to create and generate new knowledge and share it amongst themselves.


We offer diverse membership options going from one day to the whole month


One day of access to TecLab

Q75 / día


7 days

Q210 / semana


20 accesses per month

Q450 / mes


1 month of unlimited access

Q750/ mes

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