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The CAMPUS TECNOLÓGICO – TEC is an innovative concept in Guatemala City that was established with the goal of recreating the success and innovation that characterizes Silicon Valley in California.

However, Campus Tec, or “Silicon Valley con Frijoles,” is not an exact copy of Silicon Valley. It has been adapted to address the reality and needs of entrepreneurs in Guatemala and Latin America.

The TEC is a complex of three buildings for businesses and start-ups that work in technology and innovation located in 4 Grados Norte, Zone 4, in Guatemala City. Since its creation, 4 Grados Norte has been a neighborhood that values new ideas and creates trends.

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The TEC, located in the most innovative area of the city, offers entrepreneurs, engineers, programmers, students, mentors, investors and anyone interested in technology a platform and physical space to achieve business success through innovation.

The multiple resources that TEC offers, combined with the critical mass of people generating innovation, building capabilities, investing, designing and inventing make TEC the ideal place to launch any technology project.

TEC’s goal is to make Guatemala an international technology hub by 2020. Very soon TEC will expand regionally, bringing the platform and ecosystem to neighboring countries.


To be the largest technological hub in Central America, bringing together the main elements that made the technological revolution such as the creation of a Silicon Valley initiative in Guatemala possible. Supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups with:

  • Infrastructure with cutting edge technology.
  • Critical mass of technology companies.
  • Alliances with local universities: talent and research.
  • Capital for innovative concepts.
  • An environment that promotes creativity and the exchange of information.
  • Promoting Guatemala as a technological center for companies and as a role model for other ecosystems internationally.


To make Guatemala City a national and international reference point, as the largest technological hub in Central and Latin America.

  • As a leader of technology in Central America.
  • To be internationally competitive by 2020.

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