Cheers to the Silicon Valley

Guatemala City, Guatemala: The New York Times has a feature this week on Guatemala’s Silicon Valley, which the paper says is remarkable in part because the idea of a meritocracy is almost unheard of in a country that has been defined by “cronyism” and “wide income disparities.” More from that paper on this innovation zone:

For now, it is just a single brick building called Campus Tecnológico, with workspaces, programming classes and eco-friendly signs asking people to turn off lights in unused bathrooms. But the developers’ goal is to turn this five- or six-block area in the city’s center into an entrepreneurial campus, and a residential outpost for the hip, savvy, successful and young. “For people here, it’s the same as in Silicon Valley,” said Juan Mini, Campus Tec’s founder, who returned to Guatemala after starting a successful Internet company in California called ZipRealty. “What matters is your brain.”